10 Ways to Reduce Commuting Stress

Do you feel sick when you come out of your car, a headache or increase in your blood pressure? If you feel like so, it can be a type of stress. Studies shows that stress while travelling takes a major toll on health. According to the study, this stress has direct physiological effects that can raise blood pressure and it can release stress hormones into the body. Long commutes that is more than 18 miles, may also increase the likelihood of causing heart attack because of the exposure in high levels of air pollutants which can be a factor for heart disease. There is no antidote available for stressful commuting but you can follow these steps to avoid stress while travelling:


1.) Prepare in advance: This is one of the best ways to lessen the stress while travelling is to prepare everything one night before. Your clothes, documents, laptop or anything that you carry while travelling, it should be ready and in place one night before that you can skip the morning rush and in this way you will save a plenty of time to follow your morning routine like eat a good breakfast or enjoy some special moments with your family and best of all you can drive on the highway free of traffic if you leave early for work.


2.) Sleep well and wake up early: Sleep is very important and not sleeping enough can be a major reason for stress. Everyone needs at least 8 hours of sleep at night. If you are stressed a day before, and not taking enough sleep, it is more likely that you will be stressed the next day as well. Your frustration level at work rises, your brain power falters and you have a bad mood at home after work. Moreover you lose energy for enjoying your life.


3.) Juggle your work hours: Depending on the company’s work policy, you should make some changes in the working hours. Try to chose a work hour that fits your lifestyle and be more flexible. If your company allows work from home once in a while, take that. In this way you change the environment of work.


4.) Share your ride: Maybe people living near your locality travels to the same place or nearby your office. There are many car pooling applications available in the smartphones which can tell you who all are going in the same way and at what timing in this way you can get company of different people, you can meet new people while travelling, talk to them and hence less stress.


5.) Entertainment in the car: You can listen to your favourite music that can entertain you. Listening to music can reduce stress. There are many podcasts also available online that you can listen to while travelling.


6.) Use a pillow in the car: When you stand, the lower portion of your spine curves inside towards your abdomen and when you are sitting, it ends to slump outwards which can put stress on your spinal disks and if you are travelling longer, you can use cushions or back pillows for a comfortable ride. If you travel for more than 15 minutes daily, you should use this technique.


7.) Work out daily: People think that after working at the office they don’t have time or no energy to workout. That can be true but if you are regular at workout, you can actually boost your energy at work. Initially this will be difficult but if you manage at least 4 days in a week to workout, it can make huge difference.


8.) Give yourself a break: Sometimes all you need is some break and a day off from work. So if required take a day off and spend time with your family, go for a movie with kids.


9.) Shift your office: If your office is too far, inquire if your company allows work from home or maybe a hybrid office where you go only 2 or 3 days to office and rest of the days you work from home. This alternative work schedule can make you feel less tense and hence less stress.


10.) Change your routine occasionally: An occasional change of travelling habits is advisable as well . You can try walking or cycling. There is nothing like walking or bicycling, it will give you a different feeling, but this is only possible if your work is nearby.


If you master to reduce some amount of stress that you get while travelling, you can actually be more energised at work and after work. Moreover it gives you a good feeling and gives you a good reason to start your day.