A Review of Techniques in Managing Your Depression

Some people suffer from a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes there are situation when their fears and depression can get best out of them. Here is a short list of techniques that anyone can use to manage their depression:


1.) Challenge your negative thinking into positive statements: Many counsellors advice this technique to the people who are depressed. When a depressed person encounters a thought that makes him or her fearful or depressed, you can challenge that thought by asking yourself some questions that can help to maintain objectivity and common sense. For instance, you are feared that if you fail to get that job promotion, then you will be stuck at the same job forever. And this leads to depression but if you see your thinking is unrealistic and if you don’t get a promotion it doesn’t mean you will never get a better job and people change jobs all the time and therefore you will always have an option to switch.


2.) Some people have face a difficult time while getting out of the bed in morning. Whenever this happens, you should take a deep breathe and just try to find something to do so that you can get your mind off of that problem. You can read newspaper, listen to music or best, you can take a small walk at home and you will get a fresh perspective over things.


3.) Sometimes we face depression over a task that we have to perform in the coming future. When this happens, imagine yourself performing the task in your mind. For example you and your team have to play in a championship in a football game in front of a large group of audience in next few days. Before the day comes, you can imagine yourself actually playing the game in front of the audience, in this way you will gain some confidence and you will be ready to perform when the time comes. Hence self visualisation is a great way to reduce the stress and fear for an upcoming situation.


4.) Another technique you can follow is to carry a small notebook that has positive statements in it and that can make you feel good and whenever you come across an affirmation that makes you feel good, write it in your notebook and you can carry it everywhere in your pocket or your bag, whenever you feel depressed, open your notebook and read those affirmations. You can name your notebook, ‘success rule book’.