Daily Hair Care

Your hair makes half of the look, and makes you look gorgeous, bold and beautiful. And it is your hair because of which people get attracted and pays you attention. That is why it is natural that people will always expect that their hair looks great and many people like them. But definitely your hair do not fulfil your expectation daily and it makes you feel disappointed because of your hair. The reason is simple, you are not able to keep them as you want.


Before jumping into the hair care tips, it is very important to be aware about what are the factors that effects your hair?


Many biologists says that the characteristics of your hair depends on many reasons and some of which are inherited. Some of the factors are genetic and that means that the DNA program is responsible for your hair the way they look. The secretion level of the hormones also contributes to the look of the hair. And all the factors like environment especially the air and water, these things effect your hair a lot. And that is the reason every person experience bad hair day sometimes. But if you take some extra care, you can really say good bye to bad hair day, which may not be permanent and do not need your attention time to time. Complete baldness cannot be treated naturally but it can be controlled if someone starts loosing hair at an early age. Some shedding of hair is perfectly normal. Our hair grows from follicles that are very small organs in our skin that is designed to grow a single hair and it follows a repetitive cycle.



Causes for Hair Loss:


1.) Hereditary hair loss: This is one of the most common reason for hair loss. Men and women have different pattern of hair loss. If you have inherited genes that cause your hair follicles to shrink and ultimately it stop growing any further. And in women the first thing of hereditary hair loss is mostly overall thinning of hair.


2.) Age: With growing age, it is very natural everyone will start loosing some hair. After a certain age our hair follicles stop growing hair which causes our scalp to thin, also with age our hair starts to get grey in colour.


3.) Alopecia Areata: It is a condition where our body’s immune system attacks our hair follicles, which holds hair in place, and once it is weak it causes hair loss. Hair can be lost anywhere in the body and not only head.


3.) Cancer Treatment: Cancer patients lose their hair when they get chemotherapy or may be any other treatment like radiation treatment. Due to its side effects, the patient loose their hair.


4.) Childbirth or illness: Due to some medical conditions or after giving birth to a child, women have hormonal changes, due to which they start loosing hair.


5.) Hair care: Taking care of your hair from an early age is very important. Some people don’t take care of their hair and hence start loosing ir early in life. If you colour, or relax your hair, you could be damaging your hair, which can lead to hair loss in the long run.


6.) Hairstyle: If you are a person who loves doing different kinds of hairstyle daily, you might start loosing hair, because it pulls our scalp and continue to pull it daily can lead to permanent hair loss.


7.) Hormonal Imbalances: This is very common mostly in women, after giving birth to child they loose their immune system or due to any other hormonal changes, hair loss is very common.


8.) Scalp Infection: Scalp infections can inflame some area on our scalp, and you may see some black dots on the scalp, which causes hair loss.


9.) Medication: Some medicines has side effects which may cause hair loss. But you should not stop taking those medicines without consulting your doctor as it may lead to some other problems.


10.) Too little biotin, iron, protein or zinc: These are very good for hair growth, if you are not getting enough of these you may see some hair loss.


These were some of the reasons that can be responsible for hair loss. And here are some of the tips that you can start following for healthy hair:


1.) Diet: What we eat is very important. A diet high in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and vitamins such as iron, biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc. There all are very good for hair growth.


2.) Avoid hair styling products: Products like gel and hair wax, they might give you a very attractive look while using it but for the long run it is very harmful for our scalp and it causes hair loss.


3.) Use a shampoo that is mild and perfect for your hair: Know your hair type, and as discussed above in this article, don’t use shampoo which has more chemical to enhance its fragrance, as it can be harmful for hair and even for our brain, instead use a natural product, read the ingredients used.


4.) Use a soft brush or hair comb: Some combs are very sharp and it may damage our scalp, use comb daily but not a sharp one.


5.) Stop Smoking: Smoking has only bad effects and hair loss is one of them. Smoking can prematurely age your hair cells and hence you may start losing hair early in life.


6.) Exercise: It helps to boost our immune system and immune system is related to our hair cells.