Hair Oil- A need for anyone and everyone

Oiling hair is one of the important things for hair care and if you are looking forward to take care of your hair. It is really necessary that your hair is given proper treatment which includes a massage with the oil that benefits your hair.


Using the correct oil for hair is very important and oiling at the same time. Majority of us have a really busy schedule and because of that, oiling and washing of our hair has last priority. If you want healthy hair that lasts longer on your head, oiling is the best remedy.


There are many brands of oil available in the market that tells you about their benefits of use but before jumping into the trend with other people, research well about the product you are going to buy. A trusted and known company is really important because there are many fake products also available in the market.


Using only good oil is not enough but eating the right kind of food is also important. Foods like canned and processed foods are harmful which can damage your hair and it should be avoided.


For strong and beautiful hair, you should give your scalp massage with hair and leave it overnight, also you can use a steamed towel to cover your hair for half an hour to get the best result, this will give your hair a shiny and lustrous look.


Hair Loss is very common in today’s world, hair loss can be controlled if you apply oil regularly. Here are some of the reasons for hair loss:


1.) Hereditary hair loss: This is one of the most common reason for hair loss. Men and women have different pattern of hair loss. If you have inherited genes that cause your hair follicles to shrink and ultimately it stop growing any further. And in women the first thing of hereditary hair loss is mostly overall thinning of hair.


2.) Age: With growing age, it is very natural everyone will start loosing some hair. After a certain age our hair follicles stop growing hair which causes our scalp to thin, also with age our hair starts to get grey in colour.


3.) Alopecia Areata: It is a condition where our body’s immune system attacks our hair follicles, which holds hair in place, and once it is weak it causes hair loss. Hair can be lost anywhere in the body and not only head.


3.) Cancer Treatment: Cancer patients lose their hair when they get chemotherapy or may be any other treatment like radiation treatment. Due to its side effects, the patient loose their hair.


4.) Childbirth or illness: Due to some medical conditions or after giving birth to a child, women have hormonal changes, due to which they start loosing hair.


5.) Hair care: Taking care of your hair from an early age is very important. Some people don’t take care of their hair and hence start loosing it early in life. If you colour, or relax your hair, you could be damaging your hair, which can lead to hair loss in the long run.


6.) Hairstyle: If you are a person who loves doing different kinds of hairstyle daily, you might start loosing hair, because it pulls our scalp and continue to pull it daily can lead to permanent hair loss.


7.) Hormonal Imbalances: This is very common mostly in women, after giving birth to child they loose their immune system or due to any other hormonal changes, hair loss is very common.


8.) Scalp Infection: Scalp infections can inflame some area on our scalp, and you may see some black dots on the scalp, which causes hair loss.


9.) Medication: Some medicines has side effects which may cause hair loss. But you should not stop taking those medicines without consulting your doctor as it may lead to some other problems.


10.) Too little biotin, iron, protein or zinc: These are very good for hair growth, if you are not getting enough of these you may see some hair loss.


Oiling your hair everyday is not possible and a difficult task, but if you do this at least 3 times in a week, your hair will be beautiful. It makes a huge difference if you keep doing this regularly, the quality of your hair will improve.


Massaging and oiling of the hair improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. The hair gets a protection due to the oil, as it protects from strong and hot rays of sun.


Some of the very popular and beneficial oils that are being used for long and beautiful hair are:


1.) Jojoba Oil: This can be used by the people who have dry hair as it will help to moisturise your hair in a proper way. Also it helps to soften your hair and can be used to detangle your hair before washing them.


2.) Olive oil: Olive oil has the power to strengthen your hair and nourishes it because of the inherent quality it has. It helps to reduce the level of stress and promotes healthy hair by giving elasticity to the hair.

3.) Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is knows as the best lubricator and the content of coconut oil , magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron provides the best for your hair and this is very good for damaged hair because it has the ability to give your damaged hair strength.


4.) Rosemary Herbal Oil: This is very useful for the unwanted and flaky problems of dandruff, you just have to warm the oil a little and with the help of your fingers or cotton, rub it on the scalp well and wrap your head with a hot towel.