A change is as good as a rest

Many times you must have said to yourself “I need a vacation”. Can you relate to this? Because your life is too busy with routines like, work, laundry, cooking, working out etc. so its no wonder that you feel hassled, stressed or maybe running on a loop that has no end. Maybe you are bored at your work or your daily schedule is so tiring so you might be telling yourself that you need a vacation and you might manage to go on one but after few days, you are back at same thing and all of that blissful feeling of being ends in the first meeting at your office and all those hectic schedule is back in the routine.


The quote, “A change is as good as rest”, we have been hearing this since childhood, children even hear this line in cartoons these days and hence it stays in their mind always. For few people, the word change can give them stress. They imagine change with major events like having a new job, shifting from their home or maybe a situation which requires a lot of efforts and discomfort. But if you see, there are many type of changes that refreshes us on the day to day life, some maybe serious but others are fun. Many options of change are not things that we normally consider a change but they are the things we can do to refresh our day to day life and maintain the balance in life that we seek.

We all just need to find some basic qualities that fulfils our lives and make our life more meaningful and that becomes the main component of our life that makes us whole. Knowing these elements is not enough, the key is to find the balance of elements that reflects the priorities and importance of our lives.