Acidophilus May Help Patients With Small Bowel Obstruction

A study that was conducted by the National Taiwan University Hospital and the National Taiwan University, College of Medicine in Taipei that person with partial bowel obstruction may improve with oral intake of laxatives, acidophilus and simethicone.


According to some experts, patients with partial adhesive small bowel obstruction are usually managed conservatively, receiving intravenous hydration and nothing from mouth. Earlier studies had shown that this type of approach is associated with longer hospital stays and have an increased risk of delayed surgeries. From 144 patients with adhesive partial small bowel obstruction who were admitted between February 2000 and July 2001, 128 out of them met the inclusion criteria and were randomised to either the intervention group IV hydration , nasogastric tube decompression and some oral therapy with magnesium oxide.


Majority of the patients were men who were aged 54-60. 90% of the patients in intervention group and 75% of the patients in the control group had successful treatment without a surgery.