Great Ways to relieve stress

In today’s world we are so busy taking care of our home, children, businesses, our social life, children’s social life, our bills and life in general that we do not get time to take care of ourselves. That is the reason most of the people are stressed and worn out today, but there are remedies for this that are natural and simple ways to manage stress. Here are some of these:



1.) Make a list: First thing is to identify what really gives you more stress. Just observe daily and try to note every thing in a notebook or in your smartphone. Start noticing and see what you can do to change those things this includes small habits like, waking early in the morning for work, being stuck in traffic jams or maybe not getting the elevator on time.


2.) Calm Down: If you are overloaded with work or maybe if you start observing that you are getting stressed, just calm down, give yourself a break wash your face, breath slowly and deeply. Soothing music or podcasts might help you in this situation. Sharing your feelings to your closest friend also might help you.


3.) This too shall pass: Remind yourself that everything in this world is temporary, we all know that this stressful task will be over soon, so try to take positive things more, see what you can learn from that difficult task. You might drain your whole energy in thinking about the task, instead you should thing what best thing can be done in the situation.


4.) Know yourself: Ask yourself: What gives you more stress? And at the same time ask yourself what gives you peace it can be taking a vacation or talking to your best friend. And see if you can do the most peaceful time after your work, if its possible then you should definitely go for it. Sometimes taking a regular break while working might help you, instead of taking long breaks twice in a day, take four small breaks and see if its making a difference in your work.


5.) Learn to use your relaxation response: We all have stress response within us that our body give to us. At the same time we have relaxation response aswell. The relaxation response has 2 steps. First is repetition, as in doing a thing that makes you calm. The second step is to ignore everything else that distracts you while repeating the process. This technique can be used anytime in a day at least for 15 minutes. Sit in a peaceful place and practice the process. This can be anything like working out, listening to a podcast or soothing music.


6.) Try to live simply: Most of the stress we get when we don’t live the life what we actually are. We want to drive a fancy car, wear branded clothes, eating at fancy restaurants and what not. These all are fine but first you have to manage to reach that level so that you can afford that without getting into any financial trouble that can lead to stress.


Stress is just in your mind and it can be managed by anyone if these simple steps are applied. Just don’t over think and go with the flow. We all are temporary in this world so why take so much stress? Just enjoy the life and do the best what you can do.