Green Tea – Weight Loss Pill

People have always been known to want to do things immediately. The same thing is applied in diet and weight loss. People who have impatience, they end up taking supplements and weight loss pills in order to lose weight faster. But they fail to understand the fact that these pills and weight loss supplements can have a lot of side effects and can be dangerous sometimes. Apart from this, recent controversies on the use of diet and weight loss pills have made many people hesitate in using these pills. Many weight loss pills are made from substances like ephedra that can be harmful for our bodies and that is the reason researches are finding some other ways and resources to make weight loss pills that are not harmful to consume.


A very good alternative to these weight loss pills and supplements can be green tea. It is said that green tea has a lot of antioxidants in it like catechin polyphenols and flavonoids that can help in increasing the metabolism level in our body.


Green Tea is the name that we commonly use for the herb Carmellia Sinensis. The plant of green tea is actually originated from china where it was grown specially for its health benefits. Today, green tea is very popular and it is said that it has the potential to prevent many diseases like cancer, arthritis and even ulcers. Green tea is also used as the primary ingredient for the preparation of some weight loss pills because it has thermogenic properties present in it.


Green Tea, the weight loss pill:


the theory of weight loss pill says that losing weight can be done in 2 ways that is either decrease your fat intake or increase the burn rate of the same and weight loss pills have the capacity to do both the things.


Ingredients that are used in weight loss pills like Hoodia Gordonii has the capability to suppress hunger and food cravings. The other commonly used ingredient in weight loss pill is glucosamine which has the capability to delay the effect of insulin and thus it directly transfer sugar into energy in place of fat. Other ingredients includes cocoa extract, citrus fibre, vanadium and glucomannan and all of these has the properties of anti hunger.


The addition of green tea extract into weight loss pills is a very common practice these days in pharmaceutical companies. Similarly like cocoa extract, green tea is also an effective natural diuretic. Green tea also helps the body to get rid of extra water that is the reason that contributes to bloat and puffiness of the body. Green tea is a major fat burner and the best thing is that it is natural, it increases the metabolic rates of the body and helps to reduce food intake. It has also substances that helps in fighting with free radicals that can be harmful for the body.


Some more benefits of green tea are as follows:


1.) Helps to Lower Down Cholesterol level: Green tea is very good for the persons having cholesterol. It helps to lower down cholesterol level also it improves the ratio between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.


2.) Prevents from forming abnormal clots: The EGCG present in green tea stops the blood from forming abnormal clots, which might lead to the reason for heart attack and strokes.


3.) Keeps you more fitter: Green tea helps to those who wants to get slim and follow a regular diet plan, drinking green tea can cause a person to burn more calories.


4.) Prevents dental plaque: Green tea also prevents tooth plaque. The substances found in green tea kill the bacteria causing dental plaque to form. Also unlike other caffeine drinks like black coffee, green tea does not causes stains on your teeth.


5.) It can improve brain functioning: The caffeine level in green tea is very low that it does not cause the jittery effect to our nervous system. Thats why it can be the best alternative for the people seeking to quit caffeine addiction.


6.) Reduces the risk of some cancers: Green tea is an excellent antioxidant and research shows that it reduces the risk of following cancers-

  • Breast Cancer,
  • Prostate Cancer,
  • Colorectal Cancer.


7.) It may reduce bad breath: Green tea has its own natural aroma, hence it suppress the growth of bacteria in the mouth and odours that are present in our mouth.


8.) May help you live a longer and healthier life: As mentioned above, green tea can prevent from many types of cancer and heart attacks, it makes sense that it may help you to live a longer life.


Because of these reasons, green tea is considered a natural fat burner and therefore makes for an excellent and healthy component of weight loss pills.